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Hello, everybody! Allow me introduce myself. I'm Roman G. Korotich. My age is 39 years old. I'm just simple teacher, tutor (English & Japanese language and literature, Biology, Geography and also Computer Science) and translator/interpreter (English, Japanese). I like interesting things as this one. How is keeping now? This site is about different ways of earning on the Internet. Welcome to my web-site!

How to start with PTC

Step 1 : You need your own E-mail adress reserved for all your PTC and payments. If you don't have one, get a free email at gmail.com.

Step 2 : Register to alertpay.com and paypal.com. It's like a virtual bank account where you will receive your payments. It's 100% free.

Step 3 : Register on PTC programs/sites. You should start by the Trusted PTC sites. Just click the banners and register for FREE.

Step 4 : Login to your PTC sites and start earning by clicking on the ads and viewing it (wait for the check mark to be sure you got paid for your click).

Step 5 : Get use to click everyday until it gets an habit. It can take 3 min to 1 hour. It depends on how many PTC sites you registered.

Step 6 : Cashout your earnings when you reach minimum payout.

Step 7 : Enjoy your money !

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